How to play
the Mafia Game

Mafia (also called Assassin, Werewolf or Village) is a group role playing game of strategy, survival, and the ability to spot a fraud. The imaginary setting is a small village where the local townspeople and Mafia are in an all out battle for survival.

how to Play
the Mafia Game

The police or townspeople win if they successfully eliminate all mafia members. The mafia win if they successfully eliminate all the townspeople. This group game involves lots of strategy, knowing how and when to reveal your identity, who to trust, etc.

Rules of the game

The game has two phases; night, when the Mafia might secretly “murder” an innocent, and “day” when Innocents vote to eliminate a Mafiosi suspect. The game ends when all the Mafia members are eliminated or there are more Mafia members than Innocents.

How the Game starts

At the beginning of the game the Game Host will give every player a single card which shows the player their role for that game round.

Mafia Game Cards

and Roles:


Mafia Don Card: Head of Mafia. Collectively choose to kill someone during “night” time.

Mafia Card: Collectively choose to kill someone during “night” time.

Lady of the night: A dishonest woman with criminal tendencies. Can revoke the powers of other special characters.


Citizen Card: Can only vote to kill a player suspected to be Mafia during “daytime”

Commissioner Card: Can investigate the identity of another player during the “night” time, and is told whenever a player is Mafia or Citizen

Doctor Card: Can prevent someone from being killed (including himself) during the “night” time.

Maniac Card: Can kill any player (he plays on the Citizens side) during the “night” time

Night Cycle

1. Time to “Sleep”. Only the Mafia wakes up

The Host begins the night cycle by having all players close their eyes and put down their heads, or cover their faces with special masks. After everyone is “asleep,” the Host instructs the Mafia to wake up and choose a victim. At this time, the Mafia members will be able to see all their fellow members. They pick a victim by gesturing silently. Players may gently tap their fingers to disguise any noise made. They tell the Host their decision by pointing to him or her. Then the Mafia “sleeps” again until “morning.”

2. Awaken the Lady of the night

Next, the Host wakes up the Lady of the night, who chooses any other single player by silent pointing. Should the person chosen be the Mafia, Doctor, Commissioner or Maniac, that means their powers will be revoked for this night cycle. Mafia or the Maniac will not be able to “kill” anybody, Doctor will not be able to save a player, and Commissioner would not be able to find out identity of other player.

3. Awaken the Doctor

Next, the Host wakes up the Doctor who will choose a person to save by silent pointing. The Doctor can choose to save himself and thus survive the night. If the Doctor chooses another player and that individual is chosen by the Mafia to be killed, nothing will happen to the victim – they are “saved.” If the Doctor is chosen for death by the Mafia, he is out of the game and the townspeople can no longer be saved.

4. Awaken the Commissioner

While everyone else is still asleep, the Host wakes up the Commissioner, who points to someone they suspect is a member of the Mafia. If the Commissioner is correct, that Mafia member is eliminated from the game. If not, the Commissioner now knows the identity of an innocent. The Commissioner then goes back to “sleep.”

5. Awaken the Maniac

Finally in this part, the Host asks the Maniac to “wake up” and show, by pointing who he wants to kill. The Maniac is on the side of the good citizens and townspeople, so ideally he will select a Mafia player.

Day Cycle

1. Time to Awaken

The Host tells the players to open their eyes and then announces who “died” the previous night. If the Doctor did not choose to save the person who the Mafia or Maniac wanted to “kill”, then the “dead” players become ghosts, who cannot speak anymore, but can stay “awake” and see the game unravel.

2. Hold Discussions and Make an Accusation

The players discuss recent events. Players do not show their cards, but try to convince others they have a certain role. If the discussion reaches a point where a player has a suspicion, the game moves on to the accusation.
Whoever has a suspicion may accuse another player of being a member of the Mafia. This accusation must be seconded by another player. Additionally, the accuser must explain the reason behind the accusation. Other players may then tell if they believe the accusation is just.
Any player who feels the accusation is unjust may choose to defend the accused. If desired, this can be done as a trial, with the accused presenting a fictional alibi and even accusing other players.

2. The Vote and The Verdict

The Host calls for a vote and players indicate whether they believe the accused is guilty or not. It may be required that the vote be anonymous or not
If it is not decided that the accused is not guilty, accusations begin again. Again there is a defense and vote. This continues until a player is declared guilty and leaves the game. If the majority voted the initial accused player guilty, the night round begins again.

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